Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years after 9/11

Ten years have passed after we witnessed the 9/11 events that shook the world. When I was thinking of writing this blog, I read an exclusive interview of Mr.Obama to The Times of India. I thought it would be appropriate to quote it as it reflected my thoughts too. Here is the part of his interview:

“On this 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we remember that 9/11 was not only an attack on the United States, it was an attack on the world and on the humanity and hopes that we share.

We remember that among the nearly 3,000 innocent people lost that day were hundreds of citizens from more than 90 nations. They were men and women, young and old, of many races and faiths. On this solemn anniversary, we join with their families and nations in honoring their memory.

We remember with gratitude how ten years ago the world came together as one. Around the globe, entire cities came to a standstill for moments of silence. People offered their prayers in churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship. And those of us in the United States will never forget how people in every corner of the world stood with us in solidarity in candlelight vigils and among the seas of flowers placed at our embassies.

We remember that in the weeks after 9/11, we acted as an international community. As part of a broad coalition, we drove al-Qaida from its training camps in Afghanistan, toppled the Taliban, and gave the Afghan people a chance to live free from terror. However, the years that followed were difficult and the spirit of global partnership we felt after 9/11 frayed.”

The emotional gathering of people at ground zero and the markings of the names on the tablets, of the 3000 that laid their lives for no fault of theirs was moving my heart. Not long ago what we witnessed at our own capital too only increased my pain. There is a lesion we need to learn from the Americans. The loss of 3000 people made more than 5 million men and women to take up the uniform. It united whole United States of America. Before this anniversary, they saw to it that the man behind this was eliminated. A determination that made them achieve this. I salute this country which stands tall even in calamities. US, I stand by you on this day along with billions of my fellow Indians.

This day, we all need to take up an oath that we will stand for our country and for the united fight against global terrorism. Youngsters should become more responsible and help our security forces and intelligence to fight against terrorism. The government should take serious efforts in combating terrorism. Absence of even CCTV cameras in sensitive areas and non-maintenance of metal detectors and carelessness in securities are unforgivable acts. As written in my previous blog, why that we lack in technology or use of available technology? Can we not develop program which can detect unusual activities and send alarm? I think, a simple program in the camera software could do this. Or is it that bomb sniffing dogs can only do so after the blasts or we have only a few in the country that we need to spare them only for the rarest instances? Can we not recruit more trainers and more dogs as well as recruit more intelligent officers and task force? This in one way, solves unemployment problem and help us combating terrorism too.

TV channels too need to be sensible in reporting news. They can help investigating and then take credit rather than a hurried news which might make sensation but will hinder the investigations.

There is a lot that can be done by the general public. The real heroes will crop up from these unknown soldiers is my strong belief. Compulsory military training to all youth from 20 to 25 years might be the need of the day. Protecting the   whistle blowers is the responsibility of the government.

Our laws too need to change. While the US could just fly into another country and eliminate the terrorist without any legal proceedings, why we keep our fingers crossed on a terrorist who was caught red handed?

Can these lesions and instances unite Indians? Write to me your feelings or concerns or ideas, etc., You can comment here or send me mails with your name, email ID and phone number. If you like send us your photo, so that we can publish them here.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nation's proud moment

Nation's Proud Movement

The whole nation went into euphoria yesterday. The "Sense of the House Resolution” on the acceptance of Jan Lokpal was unanimously passed by all the parliamentarian shedding their party differences. Some immediately claimed it is the victory for our parliamentary democracy, while there was jubilation at Ramlila Ground that it is the victory for Anna. When finally Shri. Anna Hazare spoke it attributed it to the people of India. This shows the maturity of the leader. The nation had seen many ups and downs during the last 15 days, even before Anna started his fast. Both the major political parties namely Congress and BJP, accusing each other as well as Team Anna finding fault with Government and vice versa. Even US advised the Government to allow Mr. Anna Hazare   to take up the fast. There were skepticism or at least doubts in the minds of many whether things could be achieved this way. The world closely watched India and the development. They thought India might follow the footsteps of what went on or going  on in Libia, Egypt or  Sudan and there could be unrest. We proved them all wrong. Not long ago, even many Indians swore that Gandhian ideas are not relevant anymore. Now is the proof and we as a Nation proved Gandhian agitation works. Thanks to Anna’s untiring fight. While the debates go on in many TV channels about whose victory it is, let us celebrate the victory as ours. Now, the politicians should have learnt a lesion too that they are elected by the people to serve the people and the powers are given to them and not they have acquired by their might. All the while we had been taught that voting is a sacred duty of every Indian, but now we also know our duty to question the elected. If the elected is superior, those who elect them are mighty. This is not to underestimate our parliamentary system which was brought in by our leaders and the law makers who toiled several nights to bring in the constitution. I know some civil activists too talked in insulting way about all our politicians. In the spur of moment all talk some rubbish. It is also a good leader’s attitude to forgive and forget. I request our TV channels, who did give us an yeomen service to bring this movement to the forefront, not to dig the past and accuse some and call names. This is a time to celebrate and a time to move on. As Anna Hazare told the mass, just wearing a cap with inscription “I am Anna” will not make them Anna but they need to keep certain things in mind and he went on to list them out as: 
  • There should be no difference in what you say and what you do
  • You should possess clean and honest thoughts, have a clean conduct, clean character
  •  You should have a feeling for sacrifice
  • You should have the strength to take humiliation
  • You should pledge not to give or take bribes henceforth.
 While we all celebrate the victory, rededicating ourselves to the cause is important. We need to realize that all of us had a part in the corruption in smaller or bigger way. When I think of my father who was a Superintendent of Central Excise who stood for purity in his work and have not even touched a tea from his clients, I have fallen short in not being so perfect. The pressures of the modern life, the compulsions of the surrounding, political system, etc., are all definitely the reason, yet there is a need for us to stand.  The victory which we got in a non-violent way has taught us that this is the way. We can recall how, many organizations and political parties fought for their rights by burning buses and affecting public life. While celebrating the victory, let us also realize the wake up call given by Mr.Anna Hazare. I wrote many messages in the past few days on many social networks for saving Anna’s life. Now I breath a sigh of relief that everything ended well with a great note. I know fully well, still we have miles to go. This will be possible only if all of us work together and work tirelessly.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway Blasts and shoot out- Memorial service thereafter

We as a country which had experienced terror knows the pain of terror. A recent bomb blasts and a shoot out by a freak youth killed over 90 persons. Those who killed in the Utoeya island are all youth. The initial news was that about 7 persons died and several injured in the twin blasts near prime minister's office in Oslo, the capital of Norway. In a few hours, another shocking news came on a man shooting the youth from Labour Party Youth Camp and the youth had very little option of escape routs. Investigations revealed that the man who was responsible is not an Al-Qaeda or any terrorist organization but a Norwegian who expressed his views against muslims, especially those of the immigrants in the country. Why kill these youth? The Labour party seem to support immigrants in the region. Some observes note that this might be the beginning of unrest in Europe. A country like Norway which has never seen terrorism is utterly shocked.

I watched the memorial service for the departed live on CNN, which gave an emotional moment.Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg addressed hundreds of mourners gathered at Oslo Cathedral. He mentioned it was a national tragedy and the youth were known to many including himself. The Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja also attended the service and were found weeping during the service. I have not seen many of our leaders seen weeping in tragedies though they make brave speeches condemning the terror. The country responding to the terror with a mass and an attempt in wiping the grief is something worth mentioning. The memorial was labelled "Mass of Grief and Hope". My previous blog on Mumbai blasts talked about our failing hope. Now, it is time that we developed hope and also faced terror with new preparedness. The terror 
has become an international phenomenon.

In the era of globalization and mobility, we all need to live accommodating each other, accepting multicultural nature of the world, adjusting among the different races. Otherwise, the world we live will be a grave yard and cannot be a peaceful one. Let us all make this world a paradise to live happily and peacefully. We pray for all the innocent who lost their lives and the families who lost their near and dear ones.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Blasts that made a hole in our Faith

On the eve of 13th July, 2011, 3 consecutive blasts shook the city of Mumbai again after the shock we had during 26/11 in 2008. Three of the crowded places in Mumbai city namely Zavery Bazar, Opera House and Kabutarkhana in Dadar were the target this time. It took a toll of 19 innocent people and injuring 130 or more. The gory scenes brought out by the news media shocked me. What type of reactions and response that would have gone through  the minds of the people of India could well be imagined. The one that gripped me initially was a deep sadness. Like a mumbaikar, though I am not one, I felt why again Mumbai. After thought made me think, "do we want that other places too should be hit?". Oh, no, we cannot think of these tragedies any more. After an initial sadness, there was a deep anger as many of the mumbaikar expressed in the interviews to the media. When we talk of anger, we have to ask the question, anger on whom. The cowardice of the terrorists to take the innocent life and then hiding from the law is the greatest anger of all. However, there are other genuine angers too: on the inability of the police, intelligence, failure of the local as well as Central government to provide safety to its citizens and the list can extend to National Intelligence Bureau, Home ministry and in particular Home minister or whoever makes a statement at that time trying to politicize the issue or on hospitals which do not handle the situation properly or even on media which is irresponsible in the reporting or making sensationalizing of the gory scenes, etc., And finally the anger should turn on ourselves too for being mute to all and being impotent.

The event for sure has created a hole in the Faith of the Mumbaikar in particular and in all Indians in general. I could see a mistrust among many interviewed and people seem to have lost faith in decent life. Many people were heard saying "we thank God if we safely return home every evening". Thanking God is a good part of course, but the bad part is that we have come to accept this as a reality. Does the government have a strong will in putting a full stop on this?

After all the initial emotions that engulfed me, I started thinking as a scientist and a socially responsible individual. "What need to be done to do away such happenings in the future and what the common man who thinks he has no say in any matters concerning things like this or corruption needs to do" is the biggest question before us.

There are many things that came to my mind. For example the top police officials mentioned that in such crowded places analysing CCTV footage is near impossible. CCTV is no doubt a big boon for finding out the culprit after the blast. Can we stop this on time? When even the children play with compact cameras which have face recognition and smile recognition technologies, can we not develop the technology to find out unusual activities? Fro example, if a person moves around suspiciously for a longer time in the same place, alerts can be sent to the nearest police station as well as the Control Room with the footage or when some one bends to keep some objects, the alerts can be given. Even the cameras can have a capability to focus on persons showing strange behaviours. Did we also consider having cameras that can pick up images during dark nights with IR capabilities? Those with technology capabilities can definitely develop these gadgets easily. I really do not know whether RAW has knowledge on these technologies or they are working on such research areas, etc.,

Can Government initiate to establish an Institute to work on "Anti Terrorism Research"? I do not need to elaborate on the various divisions it needs to have. No subject is unwanted here. Experts from all areas such as Engineers of various kind, chemists, biologists, physicists, aeronautical engineers, mathematicians, forensic experts, psychologists, doctors, sociologists and many others are required here.

"Ammonium Nitrate" has now become a household name after all these attacks. The news that a regulation will be brought about is late though. As a person with the knowledge of plant biology and chemistry I can think of many options. Why at all ammonium nitrate as fertilizer? There are many ammonium containing fertilizers available as well as nitrate containing fertilizers. Also we talk of biofertilizers but could not bring out effective biofertilizers for nitrogen fixing to dissuade farmers from chemical fertilizers. I do not want to go into the details of the problems many biofertilizer industries go through with regulations. Probably my friend Mallikarjun will be able to talk about it more on this subject of biofertilizer industries.

The purpose of this blog is to invite your suggestions. I also want people who can really contribute something fruitfully for this mission. I had been emphasizing on many occasions and in many places about a Civilian Task Force which can raise up to the occasions in the Peace Time Problems of the country. This can be done easily by the volunteers from the civilians. Government could provide necessary help in terms of training and support. I am ready to share my idea too on the structure and functioning of such units. Any takers?

Please do pass on this blog to your friends / relatives or whomsoever who is responsible. Are we not forwarding mails which are superstitious in nature or funny in nature or just for time pass? This is the time, we need to stand up. I express my solidarity with the Mumbaikars at this stage. This is not just about Mumbai, but it could spread anywhere and everywhere. My dear friends, I request you to think, not as someone who knows more but as a weak person suffering from shocks and crying for my nation. Will you not help me and my country?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

(World) Cup of Joy

In India cricket is the second religion for many. The incidence in the past few days, created a lot of emotion, expectation, doubts, and brought 1.21 billion Indians on one side. Winning Pakistan was like a great personal achievement for many. At the end of the winning, the whole nation reverberated with applause and shouts of joy along with crackers. Even on a festival like Diwali one cannot hear crackers being burst at the same time by all. That is why probably   they call cricket a religion in India. Finally the long awaited moment came last night. One of the best sides just like Pakistan or Australia, Srilanka was the side to be taken on stride in the final. After 28 years, the history was repeated, and Dhoni's magic weavers earned the distinction of the only team to have won the cup in their own land. The talk on this is going to be continued for days to come in many TV Channels, in many street corners, many offices, many homes. I join the billions in congratulating Team India. A observations made me happy. The whole team unanimously dedicated  the victory to the master batsman Sachin Tendulkar, without taking the credit to themselves. Sachin on his part dedicated it to the Nation.The coach Gary Kirsten erupted with Joy with the Dhoni's winning sixer, as if his own country had won. This shows his involvement in the team's shaping and its winning. I extend my greetings and congratulations to Gary Kirsten too. A good guru is always interested in the welfare and achievement of the disciples and will be happy when they achieve as if the achievement is his own. Many more people have contributed to this win too, such as the ground staff, security forces, medical team, organizers and the cheering    audience.

The greatest achievement in this World Cup is the uniting force that brought the whole India together, irrespective of their religion, region, party affiliation, caste, creed or rich or poor. I have never seen this unity among the whole nation. I wish this unity is kept alive  forever. An after thought too, came  to my mind that why this type of unity is not seen when we celebrate Independence day or Republic day. If our energies are pooled together and work together for this Nation, who can ever beat India? Can we make a committment that in the times of needs, we will raise up, be it in helping the accident victims or helping people during the national calamities or helping the suppressed and oppressed? Can our cup of joy overflow with this committement?   

Note: If anyone feels that you make that committment today, say yes or share your thoughts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, We stand by you..

One of the worst earthquakes and tsunamis seen in the history of mankind had struck Japan last Friday. When we witnessed the shake on TV, the world too shook. Japan, having suffered from the nuclear bomb during the world war, recovered but saw several earthquakes being in the earthquake prone zone. Every time, they learnt a lesson and developed better technologies to withstand earthquakes. Nature proved it is supreme. Shendai is worst hit in the whole episode. Thousands have lost their lives and million lost their homes.

This is a time when there is a need for the whole world to stand with them. Even in the heart breaking scenes, there were a few observations which did not escape my eyes. Within a few days, people of Tokyo had resumed their work. During calamity too, they used restraint and calm. Unlike many incidences in other places of the world, where, people go on stampede for getting food or medicines or fight among themselves or a few go on looting, there was discipline. Another striking thing was their media did not show gory scenes of dead bodies and body parts to create sympathy or cash on the calamity. Anywhere else, media would have done this. I have seen this in TVs including many Indian TV channels. I bow to you Japan. I am sure that you will raise up again. Japan, we stand by you.

In any calamity and untoward events, we are carried away by emotion. A little after thought will raise several issues. If such events recur, what we need to do? Can country like India can take it? The answer is clear that we are not fully prepared for this type of eventuality. This type of event can only be tackled by many expert groups. Government needs to gear up first. Medical and paramedical forces, several types of engineers, police, army, social workers, people to provide food, medicines, water, sanitation workers and the list will go on.

What is the role of civilians?  Civilians need to raise up for the occasion. Training in the areas of first aid, fire fighting, simple rescue methods, communication methods, etc., need to be taught at the school level itself. Involving the youngsters is important. There was a time, Red Cross was active in schools, now it becomes a mere formality. Homeguards were also seen on night patrol and now they are probably the endangered species. Now, we need to realize the importance for raising a Civilian Task Force, who can raise up for the occasion. Can the NGOs, think loud on this? How many altruist persons are ready to stand up for this cause?


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wishes to the women all over the world

Let me wish all the women around the world a "Happy Women's Day!". I would extend my wishes specially to those in the third world countries who are discriminated in the name of gender and oppressed. Even a country like India which boasts that we are already developed nation, has not done much to the underprivileged women. How can any mature person accept female infanticide or a dowry killing?

I know today there would have been quite a many celebrations across our country too. This is the 100th Anniversary which is worth celebrating. Probably many a women would have accused men for all these and cursed them too? I am not here to argue with them. What is the need of the day is more important to us. To be very frank, I do not want to spend much time praising Indra Nooyi or Kiran Mazumdar Shaw or Pratibha Patil, for they have achieved their heights and no one can stop them. I know, in our society there are many privileged women who can achieve great heights and they keep moving ahead and many women's clubs are filled with them. My concern is about the underprivileged and those who do not know what they can and should do.

Very often I see the girls in Biosciences sacrifice their studies for the sake of marriage. About 70% of biotech students are women but among them only about 5 to 10 %  take up a career in biosciences. This is not just a loss for the women but also for the country. It is a type of Brain Drain. All education and money spent on them just go waste. Who is to blame, the students, parents, companies who do not give opportunities or our society as a whole?

On this special day, while wishing all of you, I do wish to give a few advises to the young women. Do not think, that all men are deterrent to your progress. Men and women are just part of the big humanity and they need to go together holding hands to achieve great things for the humanity. Nor, you think that all women who talk big on stages and have organizations which boast to bring changes, are going to help you ( I do have respect for the truly working NGOs who changed the life of many). Probably the men who show true concerns are also your great friends. More than anything, do not expect any sympathy or concessions and someone to come and rescue from the clutches, which many times you had put it on yourself. 

Believe in yourself and never think that womanhood is a curse. Also women should know the truth that many a times an enemy for a woman is another woman. Mother-in-law Vs. Daughter-in-law stories still sell even on TV shows but very few times you would have come across Father-in-law Vs. Daughter-in-law feuds. Yesterday's daughter-in-law is today's Mother-in-law and today's daughter-in-law is tomorrow's mother-in-law. Problems are many times due to what the society thinks as right. Illiteracy, superstitions, false religious believes and chauvinism are the cause for the problem.

To my fellow men too I need to give a few advises. Do not think in the same way as our forefathers have thought regarding women. Do not hesitate to be a rebel in opposing dowry even if you need to fight your own family. At the same time, you need not look at a woman treating them like a weakling or who needs your sympathy, but treat them as your equal.

Let us not wait for a society that great leaders and poets like Subramanya Bharathi dreamt of, but help build it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Geomarinebiotech: Tribute to Sir. C.V.Raman

Geomarinebiotech: Tribute to Sir. C.V.Raman: "Today we celebrate Science day in India, rightly so on the birthday of the only Indian who lived in India and won Nobel Prize for Science (P..."

Geomarinebiotech: A Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison

Geomarinebiotech: A Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison: "Today we remember Edison who of course does not celebrate his birthday but the world does. He was born on February 11, 1847 and thus it is 1..."

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tribute to Sir. C.V.Raman

Today we celebrate Science day in India, rightly so on the birthday of the only Indian who lived in India and won Nobel Prize for Science (Physics) unlike other Indians who went away from India and became citizens of another country before winning the prize.

His father was a lecturer of mathematics and Physics. Sir. Chandrasekara Venkata Raman, was born in Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, India on 28th February, 1888. He studied his B.A. at Presidency College, Madras and won gold medal in physics for coming first. Later he obtained his M.A. Since jobs in science was not much those days he joined in Finance department. That did not stop him from his research and he spent his evening times in research in the lab of Association for the Cultivation of Science in Calcutta.

In 1917, he was offered professorship in Calcutta University in the department of Physics. He worked there for 15 years. He was elected to the Royal Society of London in 1924 and British government knighted him in 1929.

During his voyage to Europe, he was intrigued by the color of the sea which led him to discover the so called Raman Effect is a history many knows. In 1934 he was offered Directorship of the famous Indian Institute of Science, then known as Tata Institute. I remember when I was young I visited this institute several times. First time, when I went, I enquired many about IISc and to my surprise many answered in negative. Even when I expanded IISc, still it made no difference. Later a man explained that I should ask for "Tata Institute".

What makes a scientist if one asks, one answer could be the person's passion and the equally important one would be the keen observation. It is said when at 16 itself working with a Spectrometer in his college he observed a few diffraction rays and went on to publish his first paper. Therefore, I request the young researchers not to just look for what they are supposed to or asked to, but to go looking for unexpected things. His works were in many subjects such as acoustics, quantum property of photons, molecular scattering of X-rays, optics of colloids and physiology of vision.

Another important fact I would like to tell my young friends is, it is not very important to have great sophisticated instruments to work great things but work great things with even simple gadgets. It should be noted that even today we can construct a spectrometer with a few thousands of Rupees. It is with such simple instrument, he worked and discovered Raman Effect. For a genius, anything will become an instrument of research.

After his retirement from IISc, he established Raman Institute in 1949 where he worked till his death on November 21st, 1970. When I was yet a school boy, this news was broken to me by my father. This was one of the many inspirations for me in my career in science. It might seem crazy now, but this led me to talk of winning Nobel Prize in those childhood days. This of course made me look like a fool among my childhood friends.

Now as a mature person I know,  a scientist does not work for a Nobel Prize but it is a recognition that comes later for the contribution of great people.

This Science Day, we should remember great Indian Scientists such as him. Not just to stop at that but, to learn how we need to motivate our youngsters in science and also get motivated in doing things which will bring accolades to our Nation.

Once while addressing the youngsters he said:

"I would like to tell the young men and women before me not to lose hope and courage.  Success can only come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you and there is nothing worth in this world that can come without the sweat of our brow. I can assert without fear of contradiction that the quality of the Indian mind is equal to the quality of any Teutonic, Nordic or Anglo-Saxon mind.  What we lack is perhaps courage, what we lack is perhaps driving force which takes one anywhere. We have, I think, developed an inferiority complex. I think what is needed in India today is the destruction of that defeatist spirit. We need a spirit of victory, a spirit that will carry us to our rightful place under the sun, a spirit which will recognize that we, as inheritors of a proud civilization, are entitled to a rightful place on this planet. If that indomitable spirit were to arise, nothing can hold us from achieving our rightful destiny."

I bow my head to you, the great man on your birthday. I take this opportunity to invite youngsters who have great interest in science to do things that make our country proud and to uplift the lives of millions across the world through inventions and innovations. Please do write about your views or share your ideas here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Geomarinebiotech: A Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison

Geomarinebiotech: A Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison: "Today we remember Edison who of course does not celebrate his birthday but the world does. He was born on February 11, 1847 and thus it is 1..."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison

Today we remember Edison who of course does not celebrate his birthday but the world does. He was born on February 11, 1847 and thus it is 164th birthday. He had only 3 months formal education but rose up to a level that the history of science remembers. He had 1093 US patents besides many in UK, France and Germany. He started as a Newspaper boy. Who would have thought of hiring an old train coach to carry out scientific experiments at that age other than Edison? From there he rose up to become an entrepreneur who had many companies too including the present General Electricals. He is really qualified to be called an innovator because he knew how his inventions could be made into money. His invention of electric bulb, phonograph and kinetograph which is the forerunner of cinema are well known. However, he had laid his hands on many more such as fluorography, electric railway, etc. The interesting work in biology is he tried extraction of rubber from herbs and other small plants which yielded smaller amount of rubber. He has a patent on this too. though he did not succeed in finding a better substitute for rubber, his work did give an idea for people where not to look. After all he once said "If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless".

I had got inspiration from many scientists life in my childhood and Edison was one of them. I advise the youngsters who aspire to become an inventor should also know "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration" as Edison put it.

He has lighted up many people's life whether they knew him or not. Life is all about achieving and however small one's contribution is, if it makes some one happy and better placed in life, it is our happy moment. Let us all get inspiration from his life and achievements.

Dr.T.Charles John Bhaskar
Scientist & Social Activist

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From the Desk of our MD: Forgiveness


Forgiveness is often taken as a sign of weakness by the people being forgiven. Fogiveness is a strength. The one who forgave has won a moral score over the other. It is the forgiving who is being talked about as great than the one forgiven but not repented. Recently we heard that the widow of the slain Stuart Staines, Mrs. Gladys said she forgave the killer of her husband and young sons. There are a few things anyone cannot forget in life and it might irritate one for what injustice had been done. The forgiving nature is not easy to get. It grows with one slowly and takes a shape which becomes gigantic. It can make a person a great soul just like the Mahathma the Indian Nation gave the world. 

After all the hurt one carried and after a battle that went on in the heart and mind, finally one decides to forgive instead of punishing. At the end of it, there is a great relief. However, the hurt tries to reappear when the person who hurt thinks or talks that the person who forgave is a coward or it is his weakness. This is the next weapon one needs to face. I know this from my personal experiences. Let me tell you my friend, it is finally going to be the nature you developed over the years that is going to win. 

Ultimately, the erring person will be taught by the circumstances and the society. The Society will keep watching you though it may not support you. That is why the saying goes... to err is human and to forgive is divine.

The time will make it known that the erring person one day needs to come to you to ask forgiveness. After all is it the one you are waiting for? No. It is yor moral victory which you achieved the moment you forgave. The peace you have instead of the hurt you carry all your life makes you a free and happy person. Why the person has not changed or when he will repent are not your botheration. Keep smiling and keep going! Someone too had watched you and changed and you became a role model. 

I want youngsters today to have no grudges and be forgiving. 

Dr.T.Charles John Bhaskar
Scientist & Social Activist

Monday, January 31, 2011

From the Desk of our MD

This is my first address on this website. Let me first wish all of you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. This is the beginning of a new decade also. The last year saw many ups and downs in the  economy, politics, government, industries, education, etc in our country and world at large. The new year is always welcomed with a new hope and we start the new year day with celebration and enthusiasm. Some people start the day with a prayer, some with exchanging the greetings to others, a few make resolutions for the coming year. I thought I will start it with a warm greetings to all, especially my colleagues and staff, our associates, clients, student community with which I had been passionately associated for years, our well-wishers, colleges and universities which had been always encouraging me and inviting me to be their chief guest or speaker or included me as a member of board of studies, mentor for their Technology Business Incubators or advisor or had collaborated with us in workshops and to my fellow countrymen and the brothers and sisters around the world.
Though due to limited resources and many problems, we had a slow progress in the last few years, our efforts had never been less. My dream of seeing our country as the Biotechnology Hub of the world is no doubt a larger vision and mission. This cannot be achieved by and individual or a small group is apparent. However, if all of us do not work tirelessly and contribute our bits and pieces to this great mission, things will have to wait for long.
Many biotechnology students find it difficult to get jobs when they just come out of the academics without any experience. Industries have their own reservations and fears in the recruitment and the educational institutions thrive to do something but there were no great breaks. I had been talking for a while on Industry- Institution collaborations to take an aggressive attempts to achieve this, though many such ideas exist only on paper. We are happy that last year we had recruited a new batch of young biotech professionals for skill development and placement through Skill Fairs conducted by Government of Tamil Nadu in association with Confederation of Indian Industries in various districts. On 5th of January, 2010, the new recruits are going to get their appointment letters through our Honorable Chief Minister  Mr.M.Karunanidhi during a function organized at Centenary Auditorium of University of Madras. We are happy that we are the only Biotechnology Company in Tamil Nadu to have taken part in the Skill Fair conducted by the State Government and recruited candidates. This January too, we will do so in certain other districts such as Ariyalur, Perambalur, Pudukkottai, Tuticorin, Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai, etc. We will work in close coordination with many educational institutions and universities in the coming days.
I would like to stress once again to my young team that only through the handwork and dedication, we can achieve several things. Do not think that we work only for our progress but we all work for the progress of this country as a whole. Work in such a way that you would bring in opportunities to several of your juniors who are still seeking for jobs as well as become role models for others to follow. I want all my team to enjoy first what they do and relish that we are a happy family with one great mission.
I wish to thank many but doing individually here will be almost impossible. It is your wishes and support that had sustained us all this while. We all do different things and yet have a common goal in achieving something for our Nation. It is only with collaborations and cooperation we can achieve seemingly impossible missions.
The company in the new year is going to launch a few new services and products. Innovative ideas are being worked out by our team to bring out a few nutraceutical products from the sea. Our sister company  will soon be launching an aggressive marketing and will cater to the needs of several industries and corporate and also conduct competitions for the students, encouraging them in innovation and creativity.
The new year also have a hope of introducing new supplies and service division to cater to the needs of biotech industries.
Women working in biotech industries and companies is still low and it is a major concern that many girls after completing their degrees accept it as a fact of life to get married and forget all their dreams in biotechnology and life sciences. One of my students doing MBA is studying on these issues. The women after gaining professional degrees and experience, not using their talents could amount to a brain drain too. Government has taken effort to bring such women who had a break in career into the mainstream again. Women who had a break in their career and have a PhD preferably or Post graduation in biotechnology or life sciences  who is above 30 years can apply to us with their detailed Resume'. If you have an innovative idea and would like to work on that, we do encourage you.
We believe in the cooperation and collaboration rather than all working as isolated islands. We invite all right thinking people to join our effort.
Once again I wish you all a not only a Very Happy and  Prosperous New Year and the new Decade but also an year filled with great Vision and Mission. Ultimately, we all work for the humanity and bring Joy to the World through innovative technologies.
Dr. T. Charles John Bhaskar                                                                                                           
Scientist & Managing Director
Geomarine Biotechnologies (P) Ltd