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Geomarinebiotech: Recent Exodus of people of North East from major I...

Geomarinebiotech: Recent Exodus of people of North East from major I...: Recent Exodus of people of North East from major Indian Cities I was shocked to read and hear news that several thousands of workers, pro...
Recent Exodus of people of North East from major Indian Cities

I was shocked to read and hear news that several thousands of workers, professionals and students left major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai. The reason: rumours of the possible attach on the people of North East living in these cities after 20th of August. Recently it was also found out by intelligence that doctored videos of torture of Muslim in Assom was going through MMS. South Indian cities and especially Chennai being boasted to be the safest in India could not stop this exodus. 

I tried calling my friends in social works and other youngsters through social networks to allay the fear of these people and to say "We stand by you". My plan of going to Railway Station with placards saying "We at Chennai stand by you" failed. My last minute attempt failed. Only my tears could stand by them without even their knowledge. 

This is possibly one of the largest Exodus after partition. There is no official number of people who left the major cities, though from           Scene at Bangalore: Courtesy The New Indian Express

Bangalore alone till now about 30,000 persons have left. Police in Hyderabad denies any major exodus though truth will be known only to them. In my opinion in each city around at least 2000 per day would have made it to about 10,000 in the last few days in each city, probably putting it about 1,00,000 from all Southern cities including Pune. 

What went Wrong?

What went wrong cannot be found out only from the recent news on SMS rumours and MMS. This exodus is definitely and aftermath of recent Assom Violence. The problem was between the local Bodos and the Muslims, who mostly migrated from Bangladesh illegally. This led to the displacement of about 4,00,000 from their homes. Killing of some Muslims in this violence was used by miscreants - there is a theory of Pakistan's involvement in this- to spread panic in other cities. The affected are probably the ones who had no hand in any violence nor really all belonging to Bodo community. As many in the North used to think  all who live in South India are Madrasis, one community is mistaken for whole North Easters people. Many from Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and   Nagaland were also affected by this mindless rumors. Mumbai protest turned Violence on 11th August, 2012 also added fuel to this situation. 

One thing that is clear is that this problem in the North East is now new and all successive governments had done nothing to bring permanent peace in this region. I had written many posts elsewhere for the ending of   11 years of fast by the Iron lady of Manipur, Irom Sharmila. O, that wonderful pristine mounts and nature at best at North East should witness the tears and unrest all these years is very sad. As an Indian I cannot but cry for my brothers and sisters. 

Need of the Hour:

What is the need of the hour? The recent news of rumors spreading to New Delhi is not good at all. I do not know whether the Government in the Centre and State governments concerned are taking these issues seriously enough. Someone wrote that these people who go back in pain might turn angry. I do not know what the person meant. it could mean anger against Muslims in their region. We cannot even think of a civil war like situations in India. All right thinking Indians should assure each other of our love, concern and commitment for harmony. All local welfare associations and NGOs should gather the people of North East through their local associations and provide moral support. They should be aided  by the police department. 

Religious leaders especially Muslim religious leaders can issue statements stating categorically that India is for all and Muslim brothers should get involved in spreading peace as Islam is a peaceful religion. I personally request my Muslim brothers to join this peace mission. I really loved to see one lone Muslim boy standing at the Railways Station with the placard "We are Indian First and India is for all Indians" in one of the Newspapers. 

We need more and more not just right thinking  but right acting people in this country to bring harmony, trust and peace. If your dream is a developed India, you cannot neglect what wrong goes on around you. 
I can tell with certainty that India is for all Indians. If someone think that these migrant workers have eaten our resource, let me tell you that the local did not want to work hard or work for less what you paid. 

Courtesy Globalpost

Therefore while they benefited from unemployment in their State, others gained by their labor. Colleges and Universities in the Southern States which boasted of providing better education attracted the students from these region and gained economically. Of course these students too had better opportunity by coming down to Southern States. Did we not then see a "Win-win"? There is always a give and take everywhere and everyone of us need to  realize this. Otherwise the Independence Day we celebrated a few days ago is just a tokenism without any meaning.  

You can write your opinions here and send ideas what we can all do. 

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Geomarinebiotech: London Olympics - ReflectionsThe Olympics-2012 in...

Geomarinebiotech: London Olympics - Reflections
The Olympics-2012 in...
: London Olympics - Reflections The Olympics-2012 in London came to a close yesterday. Sushil Kumar winning a silver medal in the free w...
London Olympics - Reflections

The Olympics-2012 in London came to a close yesterday. Sushil Kumar winning a silver medal in the free wrestling competition in 66 Kg category gave an euphoria among all the Indians and as usual the media showered praises and some ascertained how  it was clear from the beginning. His bout with the Kazakhstan wrestler was indeed breath taking. I as an Indian too stood up to give a standing ovation. It was not just for Sushil, for many Indian athletes I felt emotional 

Sushil Kumar after the silver medal win - Courtesy India Today        too. When the mother of two and the one from the sidelined  society of North East won a bronze medal, I said "Bravo'. What touched me more was when she said " I am sorry that I could not get a gold for my country". 

London Olympics 2012 Badminton: Fighting Kashyap goes down to no.1 seed Lee Chong WeiWhat was more exciting was Yogeshwar Dutt's matches, though he could manage only a bronze. In 60 Kg category he had to win in repechage method after losing to the Russian, Besik Kudukhov in the pre-quarter final. In his bout for bronze he had to show his grit in 45 minutes by facing 3 opponents.  This bronze symbolized valor in my opinion than that of the bronze won by Saina. Yes, we are happy as Indians but to get a medal because of one's injury is not a great thing to celebrate. I know even Saina will approve this observation. 

Courtesy Zee News

When the contingent of 83 from the Indian continent went to London our media started the hypes. One called the program as "Go for Gold" while the other major channel called it " Gold Rush". True everyone rushed for gold but no one garnered it. The dedicated songs and emotional outbursts are common phenomenon in Indian sports courtesy Indian mass media. Not just hypes but many times promoting a few as the most probables and leaving others. 

India's silver medal winner Vijay Kumar poses with his silver medal won in the men's 25m rapid fire pistol shooting event at the London 2012 Olympic GamesThere were controversies in the Tennis arena, as to which team was the probable medal winner. Boppana and Bhupathi had lost to the French pair in a poor way. With the lower rating Vishnu Vardhan did a commendable job along side Leander Paes though they did not win a medal. In badminton all eyes were on Saina but many failed to notice the dark horse, Kashyap Paruppalli. He went down valiantly fighting the No.1  seed Lee Chong Wee.  

Vijay Kumar with his silver medal -courtesy International Business Times

We often make hype on a few like Sania, Gagan, Vijayakumar, .but fail to notice or encourage others.  Whether the glory we showered during the previous Olympics at Beijing   on Abinav Bindra has become null and void is not known. Tinu Luka's qualification in Quarter finals in 800 meters is no event at all also is not known to me. 

Though Gagan's bronze indicated the start of glory for India, the final momentum was won by Sushil and Vijaykumar at the end. As any Indian or even more than many I am happy and proud. Many nights were spent for following these events. 

Where is the Gold and the Glory?

With 6 medals in our bag it is defiantly a time to celebrate. With 83 athletes and 13 events and for a country of the size with 1.21 billion, is this enough is the next question that haunts. We had won doubled our tally compared to the previous Olympics is the boast. What if one had one 23 and now another 3 which makes it only to 26 but not double. Two medals can be boasted as double compared to only one. When asked about whether more medals are good or gold is good to Carl Lewis about Indian performance (CNN IBN interview), he said more medals will produce more heroes in India. He was graceful and mature in saying so. As Indians, can we be contented  with our achievements? USA got 110 last time and now only 104 , does it say it performed bad? Last time China topped it and now USA. 

Jamaica's 12 medal tally is indeed a proud moment for that country. How can anyone forget "Bolt from the sky" who showed arrogance and boasting in talk but proved so also. Where we can find a Michael Phelp in our country? Is not Serena's dominance  enjoyable by all? The grace of synchronized swimming or rhythmic gymnastics is worth watching many times.  Why certain countries rule certain games? What is our national game? Did you say Hockey? Where is the key to get through a commendable position? If there was a clay medal, for sure Indian hockey team would have deserved it. 

When will we stand tall in these games or when we can even host an Olympics? Where do we go wrong?

The Science of Sports: Winning in the OlympicsI always advocate scientific methods and use of technology for the growth of this country. I saw many programs on super humans in the History channel. Whenever, someone claims something or demonstrate feats, they are put to scientific tests such as blood lactic acid acid level, heart rate, muscular movements and so on. Science of sports is not something new. Even a cricket ball use and spins are all analyzed using technologies and the team watches them before taking on the opponents. Do we employ science and technology as much as the developed countries? Do we really talk about balanced nutrition or sports diets? What are our training facilities compared to the developed world? 

Here is a link which talks about a book on Winning in the Olympics, by Scientific American. For sure it would be a good reading. 

Just throwing money may not be an answer unless one does it scientifically. Being happy is good but worrying and working hard for going to the next stage is urgent and important. Now instead of "Go India, Go" slogan we need to say "Move on India, Move on!"