Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nation's proud moment

Nation's Proud Movement

The whole nation went into euphoria yesterday. The "Sense of the House Resolution” on the acceptance of Jan Lokpal was unanimously passed by all the parliamentarian shedding their party differences. Some immediately claimed it is the victory for our parliamentary democracy, while there was jubilation at Ramlila Ground that it is the victory for Anna. When finally Shri. Anna Hazare spoke it attributed it to the people of India. This shows the maturity of the leader. The nation had seen many ups and downs during the last 15 days, even before Anna started his fast. Both the major political parties namely Congress and BJP, accusing each other as well as Team Anna finding fault with Government and vice versa. Even US advised the Government to allow Mr. Anna Hazare   to take up the fast. There were skepticism or at least doubts in the minds of many whether things could be achieved this way. The world closely watched India and the development. They thought India might follow the footsteps of what went on or going  on in Libia, Egypt or  Sudan and there could be unrest. We proved them all wrong. Not long ago, even many Indians swore that Gandhian ideas are not relevant anymore. Now is the proof and we as a Nation proved Gandhian agitation works. Thanks to Anna’s untiring fight. While the debates go on in many TV channels about whose victory it is, let us celebrate the victory as ours. Now, the politicians should have learnt a lesion too that they are elected by the people to serve the people and the powers are given to them and not they have acquired by their might. All the while we had been taught that voting is a sacred duty of every Indian, but now we also know our duty to question the elected. If the elected is superior, those who elect them are mighty. This is not to underestimate our parliamentary system which was brought in by our leaders and the law makers who toiled several nights to bring in the constitution. I know some civil activists too talked in insulting way about all our politicians. In the spur of moment all talk some rubbish. It is also a good leader’s attitude to forgive and forget. I request our TV channels, who did give us an yeomen service to bring this movement to the forefront, not to dig the past and accuse some and call names. This is a time to celebrate and a time to move on. As Anna Hazare told the mass, just wearing a cap with inscription “I am Anna” will not make them Anna but they need to keep certain things in mind and he went on to list them out as: 
  • There should be no difference in what you say and what you do
  • You should possess clean and honest thoughts, have a clean conduct, clean character
  •  You should have a feeling for sacrifice
  • You should have the strength to take humiliation
  • You should pledge not to give or take bribes henceforth.
 While we all celebrate the victory, rededicating ourselves to the cause is important. We need to realize that all of us had a part in the corruption in smaller or bigger way. When I think of my father who was a Superintendent of Central Excise who stood for purity in his work and have not even touched a tea from his clients, I have fallen short in not being so perfect. The pressures of the modern life, the compulsions of the surrounding, political system, etc., are all definitely the reason, yet there is a need for us to stand.  The victory which we got in a non-violent way has taught us that this is the way. We can recall how, many organizations and political parties fought for their rights by burning buses and affecting public life. While celebrating the victory, let us also realize the wake up call given by Mr.Anna Hazare. I wrote many messages in the past few days on many social networks for saving Anna’s life. Now I breath a sigh of relief that everything ended well with a great note. I know fully well, still we have miles to go. This will be possible only if all of us work together and work tirelessly.