Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, We stand by you..

One of the worst earthquakes and tsunamis seen in the history of mankind had struck Japan last Friday. When we witnessed the shake on TV, the world too shook. Japan, having suffered from the nuclear bomb during the world war, recovered but saw several earthquakes being in the earthquake prone zone. Every time, they learnt a lesson and developed better technologies to withstand earthquakes. Nature proved it is supreme. Shendai is worst hit in the whole episode. Thousands have lost their lives and million lost their homes.

This is a time when there is a need for the whole world to stand with them. Even in the heart breaking scenes, there were a few observations which did not escape my eyes. Within a few days, people of Tokyo had resumed their work. During calamity too, they used restraint and calm. Unlike many incidences in other places of the world, where, people go on stampede for getting food or medicines or fight among themselves or a few go on looting, there was discipline. Another striking thing was their media did not show gory scenes of dead bodies and body parts to create sympathy or cash on the calamity. Anywhere else, media would have done this. I have seen this in TVs including many Indian TV channels. I bow to you Japan. I am sure that you will raise up again. Japan, we stand by you.

In any calamity and untoward events, we are carried away by emotion. A little after thought will raise several issues. If such events recur, what we need to do? Can country like India can take it? The answer is clear that we are not fully prepared for this type of eventuality. This type of event can only be tackled by many expert groups. Government needs to gear up first. Medical and paramedical forces, several types of engineers, police, army, social workers, people to provide food, medicines, water, sanitation workers and the list will go on.

What is the role of civilians?  Civilians need to raise up for the occasion. Training in the areas of first aid, fire fighting, simple rescue methods, communication methods, etc., need to be taught at the school level itself. Involving the youngsters is important. There was a time, Red Cross was active in schools, now it becomes a mere formality. Homeguards were also seen on night patrol and now they are probably the endangered species. Now, we need to realize the importance for raising a Civilian Task Force, who can raise up for the occasion. Can the NGOs, think loud on this? How many altruist persons are ready to stand up for this cause?


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