Sunday, April 3, 2011

(World) Cup of Joy

In India cricket is the second religion for many. The incidence in the past few days, created a lot of emotion, expectation, doubts, and brought 1.21 billion Indians on one side. Winning Pakistan was like a great personal achievement for many. At the end of the winning, the whole nation reverberated with applause and shouts of joy along with crackers. Even on a festival like Diwali one cannot hear crackers being burst at the same time by all. That is why probably   they call cricket a religion in India. Finally the long awaited moment came last night. One of the best sides just like Pakistan or Australia, Srilanka was the side to be taken on stride in the final. After 28 years, the history was repeated, and Dhoni's magic weavers earned the distinction of the only team to have won the cup in their own land. The talk on this is going to be continued for days to come in many TV Channels, in many street corners, many offices, many homes. I join the billions in congratulating Team India. A observations made me happy. The whole team unanimously dedicated  the victory to the master batsman Sachin Tendulkar, without taking the credit to themselves. Sachin on his part dedicated it to the Nation.The coach Gary Kirsten erupted with Joy with the Dhoni's winning sixer, as if his own country had won. This shows his involvement in the team's shaping and its winning. I extend my greetings and congratulations to Gary Kirsten too. A good guru is always interested in the welfare and achievement of the disciples and will be happy when they achieve as if the achievement is his own. Many more people have contributed to this win too, such as the ground staff, security forces, medical team, organizers and the cheering    audience.

The greatest achievement in this World Cup is the uniting force that brought the whole India together, irrespective of their religion, region, party affiliation, caste, creed or rich or poor. I have never seen this unity among the whole nation. I wish this unity is kept alive  forever. An after thought too, came  to my mind that why this type of unity is not seen when we celebrate Independence day or Republic day. If our energies are pooled together and work together for this Nation, who can ever beat India? Can we make a committment that in the times of needs, we will raise up, be it in helping the accident victims or helping people during the national calamities or helping the suppressed and oppressed? Can our cup of joy overflow with this committement?   

Note: If anyone feels that you make that committment today, say yes or share your thoughts.


  1. Nice to read your great inspiring article Dr.Charles. THE TEAM that had won and the celebrations are ON. Our's is a growing nation and if that commitment is there, then as you all and everyone believe, it's possible. And another concern is our politicians, their eye on their family growth. Do you agree, that freebies, will develop a positive economy and whose money is that. There is a proverb, we should not give a fish rather teach a person, How to Fish?. Unless, there is a stop, to this FREEBIES culture.. as a compulsary ban.. We will be having only DREAMS and enjoy victory in CUPS ..

  2. Dear Dr.Chandrasekaran,

    You are absolutely right in saying that freebies will not help grow our economy. The politicians for their own good and vote bank, offer these freebies. People should know that it is their money, especially the tax payers money that is wasted. Instead they can help entrepreneurship grow. Afteramth of World Cup, takes a diversion not so good, I agree. So many chief ministers and others offering crores of money to the team members is not really needed. World Cup has given enough money for them. consider, the poor and needy who only cna stand far off and cheer these people. Many struggle to make both end meet. Why not give money as loan to people and train them to start ventures? This way not only the entrepreneur will become self sufficient, but also provide jobs to many. This in turn will bring productivity and tax to the government. Can a scientist like me think of getting a crore from any of these politicians, or can a professional like you get it? Entertainment and sport do have their place but at the same time, we should not try to substitute them for our God, food and life. My worry is how to unite the Indians under a different platform, a more productive one. Any suggestions?