Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From the Desk of our MD: Forgiveness


Forgiveness is often taken as a sign of weakness by the people being forgiven. Fogiveness is a strength. The one who forgave has won a moral score over the other. It is the forgiving who is being talked about as great than the one forgiven but not repented. Recently we heard that the widow of the slain Stuart Staines, Mrs. Gladys said she forgave the killer of her husband and young sons. There are a few things anyone cannot forget in life and it might irritate one for what injustice had been done. The forgiving nature is not easy to get. It grows with one slowly and takes a shape which becomes gigantic. It can make a person a great soul just like the Mahathma the Indian Nation gave the world. 

After all the hurt one carried and after a battle that went on in the heart and mind, finally one decides to forgive instead of punishing. At the end of it, there is a great relief. However, the hurt tries to reappear when the person who hurt thinks or talks that the person who forgave is a coward or it is his weakness. This is the next weapon one needs to face. I know this from my personal experiences. Let me tell you my friend, it is finally going to be the nature you developed over the years that is going to win. 

Ultimately, the erring person will be taught by the circumstances and the society. The Society will keep watching you though it may not support you. That is why the saying goes... to err is human and to forgive is divine.

The time will make it known that the erring person one day needs to come to you to ask forgiveness. After all is it the one you are waiting for? No. It is yor moral victory which you achieved the moment you forgave. The peace you have instead of the hurt you carry all your life makes you a free and happy person. Why the person has not changed or when he will repent are not your botheration. Keep smiling and keep going! Someone too had watched you and changed and you became a role model. 

I want youngsters today to have no grudges and be forgiving. 

Dr.T.Charles John Bhaskar
Scientist & Social Activist

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