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Even an 80 year old is not spared. Can Religious Fanaticism help in harmony?

Even an 80 year old is not spared. Can Religious Fanaticism help in harmony?

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India is a country which I am proud of due to its cultural heritage, peace loving  majority, natural resources, multi language, multi religious and multi cultural people. This is a country of Mahatma Gandhi of whom even the whole world praises. However, there are some vested interest individuals and groups that want to destroy the fabric of this nation. I have not so far written anything about my faith or send "likes" in social media for a picture of "Jesus" or some verses from The Bible. What is my faith has been kept only with me but at the same time never interfered with anyone or anyone's thoughts on their religious believes or pictures posted on the walls of social media such as Facebook. In fact, as I had written words of appreciation for Mother Therasa's work, so have I also appreciated Swami Vivekananda's work in his call to the youth. I have also written obituary to Bal Thackery or to any leader. My mission in this world is to bring harmony and peace among all. If someone does not get it, let him read it again. I did get a threat call fro writing a comment that some who attack nuns and killed innocent  muslims have become leaders too from some unknown caller. I did not even go to the police for a complaint, rather wrote in my page that if he has any issues with me let him write in reply. 

As far as the conversion theory is concerned, I have something to say. To preach and practice any religion is the fundamental right under our constitution. Every business advertises their products and is their legal right to do so. In the same way, one might feel that his faith is good and he / she can preach. Say a product such as Fair and Lovely claims fairness in a month can be bought by someone to try or some may not even buy it. It is up to an individual to listen to the preaching of anyone or not to listen also is one's own wish. If a toilet soap can be advertised, why not someone's faith? If there is a problem one faces with a product, there is a legal remedy. One can complain against the advertisement per se or even the product. In the same way, if there is a force in converting any against the wish, then there are existing laws which can come into effect. No religious ritual such as baptism, circumcision or washing with any sacred river can ever change a man against his wish. When the name "Ram" is in the heart of a man what use we get to make him say "Jesus" or by tonsuring his head can we make him a Buddhist? If any such instances are known to any of those misguided friends, let them make out a list of such instances and send to the court. Let the culprit be punished in the court of law. 

Raping a nun, asking people not to profess a faith and threatening them with weapons and burning their houses are in no way the ways of cultured persons. At the same time, I request the people of minority to keep calm and to believe in the democratic fabric of this country. They should also know that it is the good and right thinking majority in this country, no matter which religion they belong, have always stood by this harmony are responsible for the peace in this country. Without them probably, the country would have seen a complete genocide of the minorities and I might not have lived to write this blog. While I have hundreds of friends among the minority communities that I have thousands which belong to the right thinking majority community. 

Let no one take away the peace and heritage of this great country in the name of caste and religion. Let all the political parties and governments of State and Centre take the situations under control and with iron fist control such barbaric activities. Let the right thinking friends of mine, keep watch and propagate only the love and peace.  Spreading love is more than spreading any religion. If we all say God is love and hate human beings, what use is our religions?

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  1. It's true,, if you have love and kindness in thy heart, should come out of our actions in day to day life towards our fellow beings, we must be mature by now when it comes following faith or religion as Indian.It's sad the're is no safety for worshiping God/true worshipers are beaten and killed in this democratic nation, only hope to pray for those misled. Brothers change of heart.